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By: R. Bradley, M.B.A., M.D.

Assistant Professor, George Washington University Medical School

The Law of Time is based on the mathematical code of the Harmonic Module prostate cancer donation buy proscar 5 mg with amex, itself a function and a demonstration of the 13:20 ratio prostate cancer x-ray radiation treatment cheap proscar uk. As such the 0-19 code is a whole number system in which the count is not 1-9 but 1-19 prostate cancer 5 year survival rates order proscar overnight, and the positional zero represents a factor of 20 rather than of 10. As the demonstration of a radial mathematical code, the number 19 plays a singular role in the 13:20 matrix. As the largest compound prime number of the 0-19 count, within the context of this count 19 has certain unique properties and values. First of all, let us consider the theological dimensions of the number 19 as hinted at by the Quranic verse 74:30. Long an enigma to scholars of the Quran, it was only through the genius of an Egyptian scientist, aided by a computer, that the meaning the Nineteen Code. The martyrdom of this genuine seeker and messenger needs to be redeemed and placed in its proper light. Khalifa states: the Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in any human authored book. Every element of the Quran is mathematically composed-the suras, the verses, the words, the number of certain letters, the number of words from the same root, the number and variety of divine names, the unique spelling of certain words, the absence or deliberate alteration of certain letters within certain words, and many other elements of the Quran besides its content. Khalifa subject every last word and letter of the Quran, in its Arabic original, to the rigorous analysis neces sary to expose its mathematical perfection. In view of the current condition of the traditional Muslims, ifMuham mad had been given this miracle, those Muslims, who are already idolizing Muhammad beside God, would have worshipped him as God incarnate. Additionally, this miracle is obviously designed for the computer age, and to be appreciated by mathematically sophisticated generations. Moreover, the miracle of the nineteen code is not limited to the appear ance of the word God, but is vast, intricate, and comprehensive. The "simple facts" are those not requiring a calculator or computer to be ascertained. We hereby reproduce these "simple facts," as they are presented in Appendix 1 of Quran: the Pinal Testament (all references to letters and words are to the Arabic original): 1. The Basmalah occurs 114 times, despite its conspicuous absence from Sura 9 (it occurs twice in Sura 27). From the missing Basmalah of Sura 9 to the extra Basmalah of Sura 27 there are precisely 19 suras. The total (342) also equals the number of words between the two Basmalahs of Sura 27, and 342 = 19 x 18. Between the first initialed sura (Sura 2) and the last initialed sura (Sura 68) there are 38 un-initialed suras. Between the first and last initialed sura there are 19 sets of alternating "initialed" and "un-initialed" suras. The Quran mentions 30 different numbers: 1,2,3,4, 5,6, 7, 8,9, 10, 11, 12, 19,20,30,40,50,60, 70, 80, 99,100,200,300,1000,2000,3000,5000,50,000, & 100,000. Khalifa demonstrated many more complex levels of the cod ing of the number 19 throughout the Quran. These findings are synthesized in the Appendices to Quran: the Pinal Testament, and are also available in his other texts detailing his research, such as the Miracle of the Quran. Khalifa was the promotion of a highly reformed Islam based on "the Quran, the whole Quran, and nothing but the Quran. Khalifa and graphically demonstrates why 19 is the mathematical factor that underlies the Holy Quran. The fact that the Mayan vigesimal system is known as the 0-19 code, and that in this code 19, and not 9, has the supreme value of being the highest number, absolutely enhances the power and significance of Dr. In this number set, which also demonstrates the mathematics of the radial matrix, there are ten pairs of numbers radially ar ranged, each pair of which adds up to 19: 0+19=19 1+18=19 2+17=19 3 + 16 = 19 4+15=19 5+14=19 6+13=19 7+12=19 8+11=19 9+10=19 In other words, within the parameters of the mathematical matrix in which nine teen is the integer with the highest value, its value completely informs the radial order of the entire vigesimal system. If the Quran is the true word of God, then we must expect that even knowledge unknown to Muhammad or Dr. We are referring, of course, to the Law of Time in its mathematical particulars, beginning with its mathematical base of expression, the 0-19 code. The 0-19 dot-bar notational system substantiates the meaning and power of 19 as the prime mathematical, saturated value unit in the twenty count. The dot-bar notational order is a holographic system distinct from the alphabetic system of Ara bic numerals by which we write 1-10.

This signal consistently removed the desynchronization and reduced the mean daylength for those subjects mens health network purchase proscar 5mg without a prescription, Wever (1967 prostate 2015 baltimore purchase proscar 5 mg fast delivery, 18 1968) prostate location proscar 5mg with visa. The longer the circadian cycle in the absence of the field, the greater was the shortening by the 10 Hz signal, r = 0. This showed that not only was a highly significant phenomenon occurring, but it also varied in an very significant and reasonable manner. While it could be another signal but there is no other known signal has the appropriate characteristics. Rosen, Barber and Lyle (1998) state that seven different laboratories have reported suppression of nighttime rise in pineal melatonin production in laboratory animals. Suppression of melatonin in rodents is frequently observed when they are exposed to weak electromagnetic fields. A question has been raised as to whether the pineal gland or the eyes are the sensors of the fields. Brendel, Niehaus and Lerchl (2000) carried out an experiment to resolve this question using hamsters. Under normal criteria this level of evidence would be assessed as a causal biological effect. Thyroxine levels in a single limbic epileptic patient were highly correlated (r = 0. A group of hospital patients with cardiovascular pathology and a control group of healthy people were both monitored during magnetic storms. In both groups magnetic storms increased the cortisone, activated the sympathoadrehenal system and reduced the melatonin, Rapoport et al. Reduced melatonin was correlated with 3-phase conductors exposure, cellphone use and overall magnetic fields, with a dose-response decrease in workers exposed to low light levels. Biological implications of reduced melatonin: Melatonin is a ubiquitous neurohormone whose production is low during the day and high at night. Hence melatonin reduction is involved with diseases produced by free radicals, including cancer, aging, neurological diseases, acute heart disease and heart attack, Reiter and Robinson (1995). The circadian cycle involvement of melatonin shows that reduced melatonin will alter blood pressure and heart rate, neurological cardiopulmonary and reproductive functions. It suggests that reduced melatonin will also reduce immune system competence and enhances the risk of cardiac, neurological and carcinogenic disease and death through reducing its antioxidant activity. Melatonin reduction and health effects: Reiter and Robinson (1995) and Brzezinski (1997) reviewed the clinical studies involved with reduced melatonin. Dr Brzezinski identifies roles for melatonin in sleep and circadian rhythm, mood, sexual maturation, reproduction, cancer, immune system response and aging. Dr Russell Reiter, an eminent melatonin researcher, is the founder and editor-in chief of the Journal of Pineal Research. Melatonin also acts as a neurohormone and a cellular messenger with receptors in the nuclei of many cells. In his conclusion Brzezinski favours high clinical doses for melatonin-related therapy. These are all related to reduced melatonin in clinical studies and through the diurnal regulatory mechanisms. Methods have been developed to deal with complex situations and to identify individual agents where possible. Time series analysis where cyclic frequencies can identify common features can be helpful. In seeking to identify the effects of natural electromagnetic fields generated by Solar activity through the Geomagnetic System, the "disease agent". Extremely low intensity electromagnetic fields, are being masked and interfered with in developed societies with power supply systems, telecommunications, appliances, computers, etc. Weekly analysis showed a rather constant rate during Monday to Friday and sharp decrease in rates over the weekend and during mid-week festivities. This is confirmed by studies showing significantly higher hypertension and coronary heart disease in electric train drivers, Ptitsyna et al. To illustrate the principles and problems, an analysis of annual time series data for suicide in Southeast Asia was carried out for the period 1974-1992. Suicide is a good bio-indicator for this purpose because of its clear diagnosis and its direct connection to clinical depression and altered melatonin homeostasis. The period covers just less than two solar cycles with two sunspot maximums in 1979/80 and 1989/90 and sunspot minimum in 1986.

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Contacts of a case of bacterial meningitis or septicaemia in a school do not usually require antibiotics androgen hormone sensitivity cheap proscar 5mg amex. Public health doctors will undertake a thorough risk assessment and identify all close contacts that require preventative antibiotics prostate oncology 2 generic proscar 5 mg mastercard. Prevention is by encouraging parents to prostate diet order proscar 5 mg visa ensure Precautions: Hand washing is important. Precautions: Pupils should be appropriately immunised Towels should not be shared. If a case occurs contact should be made with your local Department Exclusion: Not necessary. If there is evidence of spread of mumps within the school your local Department of Public Health may recommend more widespread action. All staff working in schools should ensure they are protected against mumps, either by vaccination or a history of mumps infection. Exclusion: the case (staff or pupil) should be excluded for 5 days after the onset of swelling. Usually it is caused by a Staphylococcus aureus) viral infection, for which antibiotics are not effective. Staphylococcus aureus is a type of bacteria that is often Occasionally it can be caused by a bacterium called found on the skin and in the nose of healthy people streptococcus (?strep throat?). Most people who carry staphylococcus on their skin or in their nose do not suffer Precautions: Frequent hand washing especially after any ill effects and are described as being colonised. Otherwise a pupil or member of staff should stay enter the body through a break in the skin due to a cut, at home while they feel unwell. This is most likely to occur in people who are already ill but may also occur among healthy people living in the community. A few people may develop more serious infections such as septicaemia (bloodstream infection or blood poisoning); especially people who are already ill in hospital or who have long term health problems. Staff or pupils who have draining wounds or skin sores producing pus will only need to be excluded from school if the wounds cannot be covered or contained by a dressing and/or the dressing cannot be kept dry and intact. It has not been seen in Ireland for meningitis or septicaemia (blood poisoning), and middle many decades because of the effectiveness of the polio ear infections. Exclusions: Very specifc exclusion criteria apply and will Precautions: Pupils should be appropriately immunised. Frequent hand washing especially after contact with secretions from the nose or throat is important. Resources: Useful information on polio can be found Exclusions: Staff or pupils with the disease will be too ill at. The clinical the skin becomes white and soft, with sore red skin features include fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough underneath. On the body it causes a circular rash, which and sometimes croup (infammation of the upper airways spreads outwards whilst healing in the centre. However, the most serious spread directly from skin to skin, or indirectly via showers, complication is infection deep in the lungs (pneumonitis changing rooms, barbers? clippers, hair brushes/combs, and pneumonia). Treatment is usually by antifungal cream applied in which it is spread, but the virus can be transmitted by to the affected area. Environmental cleaning (see chapter dry between the toes thoroughly, and wear cotton socks. Usually the rash is the frst indication of illness, to infection with a microscopic mite (Sarcoptes scabiei), although there may be mild catarrh, headache or vomiting which burrows under the skin. The rash takes the form of small pink spots obvious mites will usually have been present for some all over the body. The rash comprises small red papules which can tenderness in the neck, armpits or groin and there may be be found anywhere on the body. The rash lasts for only one or two days and the caused directly by the mite, may be seen in the webs spots remain distinct. Rubella occurring in a woman in the early months of Generally the affected pupil and his/her family will need pregnancy may cause congenital defects in the unborn treatment, regardless of symptoms, with lotion applied to child. Transmission is by droplets from the mouth and nose or Precautions: Prevention depends on prompt treatment to direct contact with cases.

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The miners maintained a 24 hour light-dark schedule using truck batteries to androgen hormone vs neurotransmitter buy proscar online now ensure adequate rest mens health yoga poses order proscar 5 mg without a prescription. Initial food and water supplies were carefully apportioned prostate cancer 8-10 buy generic proscar 5mg line, and later supplemented by supplies from rescuers. Fortunately, none sustained significant injuries from the accident, which would have increased the psychological stress of the situation. Thus, by attending to physical needs, maintaining daily routines, establishing basis for hope and contact with loved ones, and by giving the miners a role in their own rescue, the risks for severe psychological breakdown were minimized. Psychoeducation about expected reactions to trauma exposure is a component of all debriefing techniques. Adverse outcomes may be due in part to the group setting in which everybody is invited to share their experiences, irrespective of the extent of their traumatization, which may add to the sense of carnage and danger. Additionally, sharing personal reactions to a traumatic situation with strangers may heighten anxiety in vulnerable individuals. Despite early data suggesting benefit in reducing traumatic memory consolidation (Brunet et al. Opioids reduce norepinephrine transmission, though wheher any preventive effects derive from that mechanism, which would imply benefit in non-injured patients, or simply through the benefits of pain control are unknown. There is growing evidence that the prolonged exposure component, rather than cognitive restructuring, is the more potent part of the therapy (Bryant et al. However, controversy arises regarding the stage at which pharmacotherapy should be considered. Actual treatment choices in clinical practice are influenced by other factors, including treatment availability, patient preference, and the presence of significant comorbid disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, or other anxiety disorders (Rakofsky & Dunlop, 2011). Once the trauma memory is activated, the patient processes the information and the emotion repeatedly (?habituation?), ultimately forming new, non-fear inducing memories of the traumatic event (?extinction?). Initial sessions involve education about common reactions to trauma and breathing control for relaxation. Subsequently, prolonged and repeated recounting of the memory is performed (called imaginal exposure?), during which the patient is encouraged to include as much sensory and emotional detail of their traumatic experience as possible. Between sessions, patients are assigned homework, which includes listening once or twice daily to an audiotape of their imaginal exposure created in session with the therapist. Later in therapy in vivo exposure is introduced, in which patients confront places and objects in the real world they have avoided due to their association with the traumatic event, but when in fact they are objectively safe. Throughout the treatment, the therapist discusses with the patient their thoughts and feelings related to the exposure experiences. All these components are intended to directly challenge the fear associated with the trauma. Exposure therapy has demonstrated maintenance of treatment gains for up to 5 years post-treatment (for further review, see Ponniah & Hollon, 2009). The primary drawback from prolonged exposure treatment is patient drop-out, presumably due to distress induced by the procedure. Moreover, it may be difficult to get patients with high levels of avoidance to agree to this form of treatment. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure therapy is not yet routinely used in clinical practice, due to inadequate training of therapists, as well as excessive concerns about re-traumatization or decompensation of the patient. The patient is asked to focus on the negative, fear-inducing emotions and thoughts (a form of exposure) while simultaneously engaging in a repetitive task, such as hand tapping, eye-movements, tactile stimulation or sounds. These are done together until the initially felt distress wanes and can be replaced by positive or neutral trauma-related thoughts (Shapiro, 1989). Critics note that treatment success may be obtained solely through the cognitive and emotional processing of the traumatic memory as well as the learning of coping skills, rather than from the eye movement technique itself. The goal is for the patient to understand the pattern of trauma memory avoidance and associated belief systems. Problematic belief systems, such as survivor guilt, are identified as stuck points? that interfere with resolving the traumatic event. Traditionally, patients are asked to write a detailed emotional account of their traumatic experiences and read them out loud to the therapist, thus breaking the pattern of avoidance.