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By: O. Riordian, M.A.S., M.D.

Co-Director, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State University

By the sixteenth century virus - zippy effective linezolid 600mg, multiple smallpox outbreaks in European countries were re? Because the sixteenth century was a time of exploration antibiotic use in poultry buy cheap linezolid 600mg, often on ocean going ships antibiotic resistance uk statistics order genuine linezolid, small pox was spread across oceans by mariners as well as over land routes by armies and caravans (3). These European explorers, and the colonists who soon followed to the newly discovered continents of America, Australia, and South Africa, brought smallpox as part of their baggage. Indeed, the inadvertent arrival of smallpox played a crucial role in the 60 Viruses, Plagues, and History Spanish conquest of Mexico and Peru, the Portuguese colonization of Brazil, the settlement of North America by the English and French, as well as the settlements of Australia. In the Americas, the decimation of native Indian populations made both conquest and colonization easier (11). The native population, ini tially considered by the conquistadors and church as not having souls, therefore not human but similar to lower animals, was worked in mines and plantations as beasts of burden. Such inhuman working conditions, coupled with diseases brought from Europe, reduced the labor pool avail able. With so much of the native Indian labor force lost, the impetus grew to bring slaves from West African ports as replacements. This was espe cially so in Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic) and Cuba, greatly stimulating the establishment of slave trade to the New World. There, the epidemic of smallpox began with an outbreak in Hispaniola, and by 1518 it had killed much of the native population. Within the next year, smallpox occupied the Yucatan and other parts of Mexico (11). Smallpox 61 Hernando Cortes, initially with fewer than 500 conquistadors and followers, set out to explore and claim the territory of the Yucatan and other parts of Mexico for the King of Spain. At that time, in the early 1500s, the Aztecs ruled over Mexico, forcing many tribes into submission and obtaining tribute from them. With an elaborate system of messengers and roads, their emperor, Montezuma, was kept up to date on the land ings and movements of Cortes from the isle of Cozumel in the Yucatan to the east and north until he reached what is now Veracruz. Cortes shrewdly convinced a number of native tribes to become his allies by promising to remove the yoke of Aztec domination. He was favored in this endeavor by the legend of Quetzalcoatl, a god predicted to arrive from the east on the wind and destroy the Aztec empire. Cortes must have seemed like the living manifestation of this legend, arriving from the east in boats with sails. The Spaniards were themselves of a different (lighter) complexion than the natives, and wore beards, so might even resemble the god. Finally, the Spaniards rode horses and brought attack dogs as well as cannons and ri? With the abundance of such unfavorable signs, Montezuma decided to appease Cortes and his followers when they reached Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City), capital of the Aztec empire. The Spaniards had lost nearly one third of their men, and their defeat on the bridges of Tenochtitlan was the biggest loss suffered until then by Euro peans. If the Aztecs had continued their pursuit, the Europeans would have been expelled from Mexico. Why did they not follow up their initial victory and annihilate the remaining Spaniards? Diego Velazquez, the governor of Cuba and rival of Cortes, had ini tially but hesitantly sent Cortes on his mission to Mexico. Presumably, they were to aid and strengthen Cortes, but in reality their purpose was to take control from him. From this expe dition, the Spaniards spread smallpox throughout the Yucatan, where they stopped before joining Cortes at Veracruz. Hunyg, the Indian king of the Yucatan, and his eldest son died, as did other native royalty. It was this small force that occupied Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztecs, and imprisoned Montezuma. One after another, the Emperor of Mexico, many of his family and subjects, and the Aztec troops died of smallpox. Kings and noblemen died as swiftly as farmers and serfs (11): Great was the stench of the dead.

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Caracteristicas diferenciales de las tecnicas utilizadas en los estudios seroepidemiologicos de la infeccion respiratoria viral infection throughout body purchase cheapest linezolid. Ventajas Desventajas Fijacion del Permite demostrar la circulacion Baja sensibilidad complemento de virus de diferentes tipos Laborioso (p virus 4 free buy cheap linezolid 600mg on line. Sin embargo antibiotic not working order linezolid 600mg overnight delivery, algu the presenta una inmunizacion previa fren nas determinaciones analiticas y radiolo the a un determinado virus, que sera aumen gicas tienen sus indicaciones. Radiologia: diversos autores han rea podra demostrar en muchos casos una ver lizado estudios que ponen de mani dadera seroconversion, ni un aumento de fiesto la escasa utilidad de la radiogra titulo significativo. Su mayor utilidad son fia(44) de torax en las infecciones vira los estudios seroepidemiologicos. En pacien Persistencia de trabajo respirato tes con laringitis y dificultad respira rio a pesar de tratamiento bronco toria severa puede estar indicado rea dilatador en el caso de episodios lizar una radiografia lateral de cuello de sibilancias recurrentes. En los dos prime La infeccion nosocomial ha sido des ros: crita para todos los virus respiratorios. Criterios mayores: transmision se lleva a cabo persona a per Mal estado general. Son conocidas las graves repercusio Necesidad de oxigenoterapia (satu nes de las infecciones nosocomiales en racion? Por ello es importante la utiliza Infecciones respiratorias virales 199 cion de los test rapidos de diagnostico oxigeno debe mantenerse en valores > viral cuando esten disponibles de cara a 94%. Aunque la fiquen la evolucion natural de los positividad de un test rapido no garanti ninos con bronquiolitis(50). El tratamiento solo o como disolvente de farmacos antibiotico no esta justificado salvo que como salbutamol o adrenalina ha se detecte una infeccion bacteriana con demostrado su eficacia en algunos tra comitante o se sospeche por los datos cli bajos con un numero pequeno de nicos y analiticos. Recientemente se ha demos inmunodeprimidos o casos graves no se trado la reduccion de un dia en la contempla en este protocolo. Aunque no ha demostrado mejorar el pronostico ni Bronquiolitis la insuficiencia respiratoria, puede La oxigenoterapia, hidratacion y nutri valorarse el tratamiento con ribavi cion adecuadas son las bases del trata rina en aerosol en lactantes con un miento. Administrar tomas pequenas y riesgo muy elevado de enfermedad fraccionadas si son bien toleradas. Farmacos empleados en el tratamiento sintomatico de la infeccion respiratoria viral. Farmaco Via Dosis Flujo Adrenalina Nebulizada 0,5 ml/kg/dosis (max 5 ml) diluida en 5 10 L/min suero fisiologico hasta completar 10 ml. O2 100% En bronquiolitis 1 ml diluido en 3 ml de suero (maximo 3 ml) c/4 6 horas Salbutamol Nebulizado 0,03 ml/kg/dosis (max. Solucion respirador 5 mg/5 ml Bromuro de Nebulizado 250 mcg < 30 kg, 500 mcg > 30 kg/20 min, 5 10 L/min ipratropio 1 2 horas y luego c/4 6 horas. O2 100% Solucion de inhalacion de 250 mcg/2 ml y 500 mcg/2 ml Metilpredni Oral o i. Se puede repetir c/12 horas 5 10 L/min O2 100% Episodios de sibilancias recurrentes minutos en la primera hora. Posterior Se mantienen las indicciones genera mente el intervalo recomendado es de les del grupo anterior en cuanto a hidra 6 horas durante un maximo de 24 48 tacion, alimentacion y oxigenoterapia para horas pasado el cual pierden su efica mantener saturacion de oxigeno normal cia. Infecciones respiratorias virales 201 El tratamiento farmacologico encamina son B. Cloning of a human parvovirus by do a disminuir el edema de la mucosa con molecular screening of respiratory tract siste en: samples. Human piratory infections in children: implica metapneumovirus infections in hospitali tions for interventions. Infecciones virales de vias aere rhinovirus in hospitalized infants with res as inferiores en lactantes hospitalizados: piratory tract disease in Spain. A del rinovirus en las infecciones respirato newly discovered human pneumovirus iso rias de los ninos hospitalizados. Multiple simultaneous viral infec dren followed from two to twenty four tions in infants with acute respiratory tract months of age. Respiratory picornaviruses and versus dual respiratory virus infections in respiratory syncytial virus as causative hospitalized infants.