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By: L. Porgan, M.B.A., M.D.

Clinical Director, Eastern Virginia Medical School

This kind of belly fat can be viewed as apple shaped whereas Europeans are more susceptible to herbals product models cheap geriforte syrup online fat accumulation around the thighs and buttocks and hence it gives an impression of a pear so calledPear-shaped-body lotus herbals quincenourish review 100caps geriforte syrup otc. Medically speaking this kind of fat deposit is called Subcutaneous or Visceral fat? and is responsible for producing various kinds of in? Specially if the subcutaneous fat is near belly region tendency to himalaya herbals nourishing skin cream discount 100 caps geriforte syrup otc clog within the arteries resulting in heart diseases and various kind of mental disorders including Dementia and Alzheimer as can be understood from the report published in the British Medical Journal (2008) and Journal of Diabetes Investigation (2013). He had been diabetic 34 for the last 20 years with current medication till recently as follows Glizid (80mg), Nebistar (5mg) and Losar. With time as a result of the complication of diabetes and also the possible side effect of its medication he developed Parkinson and was being medically treated for it with Pacetane for last 10 years, needless to mention with ever increasing progression of both the diseases (Diabetes & Parkinson) and also related peripheral diseases i. In the month of March 2014 he was put on an anti-diabetic diet (as mentioned in Chapter 7). Clearly, he not only recovered from the diabetes totally within one month of it (followed the diet plan only upto 70%), soon the symptoms of Parkinson also vanished. Now the absence of Parkinson disease resulted in no more shaking of the hand and as a result his current signatures did not match with the signatures done at the time he was suffering from Parkinson disease. It also causes your kidney to retain more water and salt, which increases your blood pressure and also promotes kidney 35 dysfunction with the long term complication being complete kidney failure. This way the patient often end up spending the last few years of his life and also his savings in hospital for various kind of short-sighted medical interventions like dialysis making such patients a favorite customer for the hospitals. As you know that this combination of too much of insulin and too much of glucose damages the arteries elsewhere in the body as well as resulting in the failure of that organ which includes stroke in case of brain, glaucoma and blindness in case of eyes, to name a few. This in turn resulting in the substantial damage to the pancreas which houses the beta cells, resulting in much serious complication such as pancreatic cancer. Besides forcing the pancreas to over produce insulin in order to attain the target level (100 mg/dl) of blood glucose in the body, brain may carry on some other mechanism to dispose-off excess blood sugar, even if it may mean a severe complication in the long term. Just think what will happen if the airport is overcrowded to about two times to ten times, the number of passengers (blood glucose) it could accommodate. The excess passenger may step over and embark into the restricted area of the airport leading to law and order problem and also hampering the normal working of the airport. Here in the case of body, the brain struggles to maintain the 36 targeted 100 mg/dl of blood glucose. Yogesh Mittal (who now happens to be my friend and promoter of End of Illness Program? who was given an ultimatum by his dentist with dental surgery as the only option to his dental problems even if it may mean living on a complete liquid diet for 3 months post surgery and other expected complications and discomfort. On the day of his surgery, he changed his mind and decided to visit our clinic (after persuasion of his wife Mrs. Indupreet, a dentist and a researcher of our team treated him with Wheat Grass Oral Therapy along with a customized diet (please refer to Chapter 7). Here the point I want to make/clarify is that for many of us in spite of taking unusually high amount of carbohydrates/sugar specially from re? For many of them it may appear more aggressively in the intestinal and colon region leading to constipation, irritable 38 bowel syndrome, piles and many others related digestive disorders. As in the case of sub inspector Subay Singh who was posted on a check post near our clinic. Although his blood glucose was very much in the normal range but now it might be clear to you that this patient is also a clear cut victim of over-re? I simply asked him to change his diet to a D1D2C diet (although it contains nearly the same amount of carbohydrates as he was previously consuming but from Whole Plant Based Foods refer Chapter-7). It was no surprise that the symptoms of constipation vanished within 4 days and also B. As you know that after the kidney stone removal surgery, the stone often develops again back within 2 years. After repeated surgeries, loosing lot of health and some part of his wealth and after my lot of 39 persuasion, he agreed to be on the D1D2C diet. The result was as expected, the body started dissolving the stone and within 3 months he could get rid of the stone as well as the disease.

Use tube lights and energy saver bulbs as dow and cut down on your electricity bill they consume less electricity herbals on wholesale purchase geriforte syrup 100 caps online. Use alternative sources of energy like solar power for heating water and by cooking 18 jb herbals buy geriforte syrup cheap. In summer zee herbals purchase genuine geriforte syrup line, shut windows, curtains and Walking is one of the best exercises for your doors early in the morning to keep the health. Use a pressure cooker as much as possible consumption and reduce pollution levels. Present development strategies have not been able to successfully Our global human population, 6 billion at address these problems related to hunger and present, will cross the 7 billion mark by 2015. Thus the disparity in resources, without degrading the quality of hu the extent of per capita resources that are used man life. It will be impossible to meet the de between the rich and the poor in India is also mands for food from existing agro systems. Larger ozone of nature that has a certain ability to maintain a holes will develop due to the discharge of in balance in our environment. However, current dustrial chemicals into the atmosphere, which development strategies that essentially lead to will affect human health. Water famines? due to the depletion of fresh water, will create unrest and eventually make coun 7. The control over regional bio logical diversity, which is vital for producing new the world population is growing by more than medicinal and industrial products, will lead to 90 million per year, of which 93% is in develop grave economic conflicts between ing countries. This will essentially prevent their biotechnologically advanced nations and the bio further economic development. In the re these are only some of the environmental prob cent past, the escalation in growth of human lems related to an increasing human popula numbers has become a major cause of our en tion and more intensive use of resources that vironmental problems. These effects can be averted by creating a mass environmental Present projections show that if our population awareness movement that will bring about a growth is controlled, it will still grow to 7. Increase in production per capita of agricultural produce at a global level ceased during the Human population growth increased from: 1980?s. However, fertility contin ues to remain high in sub Saharan African coun 5 to 6 billion, in 11 years. It is not the census figures alone that need to There are cultural, economic, political and de be stressed, but an appreciation of the impact mographic reasons that explain the differences on natural resources of the rapid escalation in in the rate of population control in different the rate of increase of human population in the countries. The extent of this depletion is fur tain countries and is linked with community and/ ther increased by affluent societies that consume or religious thinking. Lack of Government ini per capita more energy and resources, that less tiatives for Family Welfare Program and a lim fortunate people. This is of great relevance for ited access to a full range of contraceptive developing a new ethic for a more equitable measures are serious impediments to limiting distribution of resources. In the first half of the 1900s human numbers were growing rapidly in most developing coun 7. In con trast, in the developed world population growth In response to our phenomenal population had slowed down. Several environmental ill-ef Hum do hamare do? indicated that each family fects were linked with the increasing population should not have more than two children. Poverty alleviation pro ever has taken several decades to become ef grams failed, as whatever was done was never fective. In rural At the global level by the year 2000, 600 mil areas population growth led to increased lion, or 57% of women in the reproductive age fragmentation of farm land and unemployment. However the use of contraceptive mea and an increasing level of air pollution from sures is higher in developed countries 68%, traffic, water pollution from sewage, and an and lower in developing countries 55%. By the 1970s male sterilization is the most popular method most countries in the developing world had of contraception used in developing countries realized that if they had to develop their at present. This is followed by the use of oral economics and improve the lives of their citi contraceptive pills and, intrauterine devices for zens they would have to curtail population women, and the use of condoms for men. By the 1990s the growth rate was decreasing in most countries Human Population and the Environment 215 Chapter7. Rivers, lakes and coastal waters will be in couple depends on a choice that they make for creasingly polluted. This must be based on good advice ready kill 12 million people every year in the from doctors or trained social workers who can developing world. By 2025, there will be 48 suggest the full range of methods available for countries that are starved for water.

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Coral reefs are very rich in species and Types of Aquatic ecosystemsTypes of Aquatic ecosystemsTypes of Aquatic ecosystemsTypes of Aquatic ecosystemsTypes of Aquatic ecosystems Fresh water ecosystemsFresh water ecosystemsFresh water ecosystemsFresh water ecosystemsFresh water ecosystems Marine ecosystemsMarine ecosystemsMarine ecosystemsMarine ecosystemsMarine ecosystems Flowing waterFlowing waterFlowing waterFlowing waterFlowing water Still waterStill waterStill waterStill waterStill water Brackish waterBrackish waterBrackish waterBrackish waterBrackish water Saline waterSaline waterSaline waterSaline waterSaline water Streams Rivers Ponds greenwood herbals buy 100caps geriforte syrup mastercard, Deltas Coastal Deep ocean wetlands herbals for erectile dysfunction purchase geriforte syrup without a prescription, shallows herbals forum purchase geriforte syrup 100 caps overnight delivery, lakes Coral reefs 76 Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Courses Chapter3. Brackish water ecosystems in river deltas are As the pond fills in the monsoon a large num covered by mangrove forests and are among ber of food chains are formed. The largest mangrove by small fish on which larger carnivorous fish swamps are in the Sunderbans in the delta of depend. Aquatic insects, worms and snails feed on the waste material excreted by animals and the dead or the Pond ecosystemThe Pond ecosystemThe Pond ecosystemThe Pond ecosystemThe Pond ecosystem decaying plant and animal matter. They act on the detritus, which is broken down into nutri the pond is the simplest aquatic ecosystem to ents which aquatic plants can absorb, thus com observe. The tem porary ponds begin to dry after the rains and There are differences in a pond that is tempo the surrounding grasses and terrestrial plants rary and has water only in the monsoon, and a spread into the moist mud that is exposed. Ani larger tank or lake that is an aquatic ecosystem mals such as frogs, snails and worms remain dor throughout the year. Lake ecosystemLake ecosystemLake ecosystemLake ecosystemLake ecosystem When a pond begins to fill during the rains, its life forms such as the algae and microscopic A lake ecosystem functions like a giant perma animals, aquatic insects, snails, and worms come nent pond. A large amount of its plant material out of the floor of the pond where they have is the algae, which derives energy from the sun. Gradually this is transferred to the microscopic animals, more complex animals such as crabs frogs and which feed on the algae. The small animals such as snails are used as food by small carnivo rous fish, which in turn are eaten by larger Pond carnivorous fish. Some specialised fish, such as catfish, feed on the detritus on the muddy bed of the lake. Energy cycles through the lake ecosystem from the sunlight that penetrates the wa ter surface to the plants. This Oxygen is then used by aquatic animals, which the shallow areas near Kutch and around the filter water through their respiratory system. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are some of the most incredible coral reefs in the world. Coral reefs are only second to tropical evergreen for Stream and River ecosystemsStream and River ecosystemsStream and River ecosystemsStream and River ecosystemsStream and River ecosystems ests in their richness of species. Fish, crustacea, starfish, jellyfish and the polyps that deposit the Streams and rivers are flowing water ecosystems coral are a few of the thousands of species that in which all the living forms are specially adapted form this incredible world under the shallow sea. Some plants and ani mals such as snails and other burrowing ani Deforestation of adjacent mangroves leads to mals can withstand the rapid flow of the hill silt being carried out to sea where it is depos streams. There are such as water beetles and skaters can live only many different types of coastal ecosystems in slower moving water. They need crystal clear the marine ecosystem is used by coastal water to be able to breed. The marine ecosystem continued to main tain its abundant supply of fish over many gen As deforestation occurs in the hills the water in erations. Now with intensive fishing by using the streams that once flowed throughout the giant nets and mechanised boats, fish catch in year become seasonal. Seashore ecosystemsSeashore ecosystemsSeashore ecosystemsSeashore ecosystemsSeashore ecosystems the community of flora and fauna of streams and rivers depends on the clarity, flow and oxy Beaches can be sandy, rocky, shell covered or gen content as well as the nature of their beds. On each of these different types, there the stream or river can have a sandy, rocky or are several specific species which have evolved muddy bed, each type having its own species of to occupy a separate niche. Marine ecosystemsMarine ecosystemsMarine ecosystemsMarine ecosystemsMarine ecosystems Various shore birds feed on their prey by prob ing into the sand or mud on the sea shore. The Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal constitute the marine ecosystems Several different species of fish are caught by around peninsular India. In many areas the fish catch has de sea is shallow while further away, it is deep. Man uses aquatic ecosystems for the clean fresh Water pollution occurs from sewage and poorly water on which his life is completely dependent.

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As environmentally con cycles herbals nature generic geriforte syrup 100caps overnight delivery, the air that we all breathe godakanda herbals order geriforte syrup american express, the forests scious individuals we need to vaadi herbals products review generic 100caps geriforte syrup overnight delivery lobby for the and grasslands which maintain our climate and protection of the wilderness and our glorious soil, are all common property resources. Government took over the control of commu nity forests in British times, the local people who until then had controlled their use through a 7. Bringing back such based on a world that is essentially only for the traditional management systems is extremely rich, will bring about a disaster of unprecedented difficult. Equitable use of resources is now local forests through village level forest protec seen as an essential aspect of human well be tion committees has shown that if people know ing and must become a shared point of view that they can benefit from the forests, they will among all socially and environmentally conscious begin to protect them. This includes an appreciation of the sharing the power to control forests between fact that economically advanced countries and the Forest Department and local people. In spite of the great number of people in the more populous developing countries, the In many situations valuable ecological assets are smaller number of people in developed coun turned into serious environmental problems. This tries use more resources and energy than those is because we as a society do not strongly resist 242 Environmental Studies for Undergraduate Courses Chapter7. While the disease process, as their overall health and ecological degradation has frequently been well being is likely to worsen the course of the blamed on the needs of fuelwood and fodder disease when their nutritional status suffers. Changes in landuse become highly prevalent, it is leading to great from natural ecosystems to more intensive utili suffering and worsening poverty. The capacity zation such as turning forests into monoculture of these patients to work for their usual sources forestry plantations, or tea and coffee estates, of income generation is lost. An increasing pro or marginal lands into intensive agricultural pat portion of the poor are affected. It is evident terns such as sugarcane fields or changes into that it is going to be increasingly difficult to urban or industrial land carry an ecological price. People affected by the disease inevitably able non-wood forest products whose economic try to get whatever they can from their natural returns far outweigh that provided by felling the resource base as they are not in any position to forest for timber. We cannot permit led to degradation of the ecosystem and an in unsustainable development to run onwards at crease of pressures from other impacts such as a pace in which our lives will be overtaken by a overuse of medicinal plants and poaching for development strategy that must eventually fail wildlife. As males die of the disease, work on agricultural land has to be taken over by already 7. Patients have a right to affected, this disease will also have impacts on continue to work as before along with unaf our natural resource base, as utilisation patterns fected individuals. The inability of continue their original hard labour related work, Human Population and the Environment 243 Chapter7. This needs to be done through the formal worldwide are estimated to have died from the educational sector and by using non-formal effects of disease and inadequate nutrition. Education is also important to reduce of these deaths are in the developing world. In the stigma and discrimination against these pa some countries, more than one in five children tients. Seven out of 10 powered are at a great disadvantage as they of childhood deaths in developing countries can are powerless to demand safe sex from their be attributed to five main causes, or a combi partners. Prior to 1992, it was mainly Presenting complaint Possible cause or seen in males who migrated to urban centers. Crowded ill-ventilated homes and living measles or malaria, is an important measure. In most cases diarrhoea is prevent able and children can be saved by early treat Chula issue ment. Correct management of diarrhoea could save the lives of up to 90% of children who the World Health Organisation estimates currently die by promoting rapid and effective that 1. In severe cases intravenous flu Chula smoke is the third highest cause of ids must be started. Improved hygiene and man disease and death after dirty water and lack agement of the home and surroundings is the of sanitation. Hence by providing access to most important preventative measure, as well clean water, sanitation, food and ventilated as improved nutrition. Increased breastfeeding homes, over half the diseases and prema and measles vaccination have also been ob ture deaths could be avoided in India. Chil ognition of conditions that occur in association dren may die very quickly from the infection and with measles, and improved nutrition, includ thus need treatment urgently. Most patients of ing breastfeeding, and vitamin A supplementa pneumonia can be treated with oral antibiotics.