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By: E. Lukar, M.A.S., M.D.

Professor, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

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The choice will depend pregnancy quiz before missed period buy duphaston 10 mg online, among other things menstruation twice in one month discount duphaston 10 mg with visa, on the many patients are depressed afer a neurological distur question being asked breast cancer 8 rounds of chemo cheap duphaston 10 mg amex. Either outcome can be useful for developing functional Functional Neurosurgery: models that inform our understanding of cognition and Intervention to Alter or Restore brain function. We also consider in that box the advan Brain Function tages and disadvantages of conducting such studies on an individual basis or by using groups of patients with similar Surgical interventions for treating neurological disorders lesions. Suppose that damage to brain re tent of tissue removal is always well documented, enabling gion A results in impaired performance on task X. One researchers to investigate correlations beten lesion site conclusion is that region A contributes to the processing and cognitive defcits. For example, if task X is reading, atributing cognitive defcits to surgically induced lesions. Because the seizures have spread beyond the epileptogenic But fom cognitive psychology, we know that a complex tissue, other structurally intact tissue may be dysfunctional task like reading has many component operations: fonts owing to the chronic efects of epilepsy. One method used must be perceived, leters and leter strings must acti with epilepsy patients compares their performance before vate representations of their corresponding meanings, and afer surgery. An especially fuitful paradigm for cognitive neuroscience has involved the study of patients who have Methods to Perturb had the fbers of the corpus callosum severed. The patients who have had this procedure have ben studied lesion is believed to disrupt certain mental operations extensively, providing many insights into the roles of the while having litle or no impact on others. Tese sively interconnected, however, so just as with lesion stud studies are discussed more extensively in Chapter 4. Although evidence that the brain is a plastic device: Neural function the standard treatment is medication, the efcacy of the is constantly being reshaped by our experiences, and such drugs can change over time and even produce debilitating reorganization can be quite remarkable following neuro side efects. Tese devices produce mechanic to understand that cuting the spark plug wires continuous electrical signals that stimulate neural activi or cuting the gas line will cause an automobile to stop t. Dramatic and sustained improvements are observed in running, but this does not mean that spark plug wires and many patients (Hamani et al. Tere are side efects, in part because more than one tpe Many insights can be gleaned fom careful observa of neuron is stimulated. Optogenetics methods promise tions of people with neurological disorders, but as we will to provide an alternative method in which clinicians can se throughout this book, such methods are, in essence, control neural activit. Concerns like these point to the ned for man applications, this method has ben used to explore methods that involve the study of the normal brain. Early work here suggests that the most and nonhuman, is used, as we have already noted, as a efective treatments may not result fom the stimulation control when studying participants with brain injuries. This fnding underscores that many investigate the efects of transient perturbations to the diseases of the nervous system are not usually related to normal brain, which we discuss next. Genomic analysis can also help identif that damage to a particular brain region may result in a the genetic abnormalities that contribute to certain dis selective defcit of a certain cognitive operation. Methods to Perturb Neural Function | 87 study looked at the efect of dopamine on decision making Pharmacology when a potential monetary reward or loss was involved. The release of neurotransmiters at neuronal synapses One group of participants received the dopamine recep and the resultant responses are critical for information tor antagonist haloperidol; another received the recep transfer fom one neuron to the next.